Super easy hydrangea nail art! Use Tarashikomi!

It is still May, but there are many rainy days, and it is no longer the rainy season. It’s almost the season of hydrangea! It’s almost hydrangea season!

So this time, I’d like to show you some hydrangea nails that are super easy to do. Let’s try “Tarashikomi”!

What you need for hydrangea nails

In this article, we will introduce hydrangea nail art using acrylic paint with tarashikomi. You will need the following


Prepare a base gel, a color gel of your choice, and a top gel.

Matte Top Gel

A matte top gel is needed to put acrylic paint on top of the gel.

ジェルネイル マットトップ ノンワイプ 15ml ポリッシュタイプ 拭き取り不要 つや消し つやなし ルルジェル LULUGEL

Acrylic paints

Acrylic paints used for dripping. 100-yen paints are OK.

Kitchen Paper

Kitchen paper for wiping off brushes.

How to do Tarashikomi Hydrangea Nail Polish

Let’s look at the process one by one.

Base gel application

First, apply base gel and cure.

Color gel application

Apply two coats of your favorite color gel.

Application of matte top

Next, apply matte top gel and cure. If you only have a regular glossy top gel, sand it with a sponge buffer after curing the top gel to remove the gloss.

MoreCouture スポンジバッファ ソフトパフ 220/280G【ジェルネイル/ネイル用品】

do the trick.

This is where we start. Put the acrylic paint out on aluminum foil or a palette and add water. The ratio is about 1:9 paint to water. It is quite shabby.

Once diluted to this degree, take a brush and paint with the image of drawing flower petals.

If the color is too light? If you think the color is too light, you can add more.

Wipe off the water on the brush once with kitchen paper, and then absorb the water on the painted petals with the brush.

Then, only the petal frames remain, so leave a little space and draw the petals in the same way.

When completely dry, paint different colors on top of each other in between.

Finally, add some kind of lame in the middle and finish with top gel… done!

Check out the Tarashikomi in the video as well!

YouTube shows how to do the Tarashikomi hydrangea nails introduced in this article. Some parts are easier to understand if you watch the video, so check it out too!

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