[Self-nail] I changed my pedicure with 100-yen gel to make it more spring-like.

I finally reapplied the pedicure I’ve been neglecting since the end of last year (everyone should reapply in about a month…!).

I used gel from Seria and Cando to get a handsome spring-like finish, and I hope you’ll find it useful for your spring nails!

*This blog is written by a manicurist in Japan. The information contained in this article is available in Japan. Please note that it may be different in other countries.

The nail tools I used this time

Other than the basic tools (files, gauze, brushes, etc.), I used the following

Seria’s gel

Seria’s gel, glitter gold.

Cando gel.

Cando’s gel, in

  • White
  • Moss green
  • Milk green

I used three of them.


I used one green shell and one white shell for art. Any shells can be used, but I recommend the ones that are not too thick for embedding.

For spring-like colors

The machine removes the stretched gel in one go.

After shaping the nails with a file, push up the cuticles with a metal pusher and treat the cuticles with gauze.

Apply the pre-primer, then put the base gel on and cure.

On the thumb and ring finger, I used white from Cando.

The middle finger is glitter gold from Seria, and the other two fingers are a mix of moss green and milk green from Cando. It’s a lovely color with just the right amount of transparency.

Apply two coats of each and let them harden.

On the thumb and ring finger, put a little of the green you made earlier in the middle and harden.

Apply glitter gold in the same way and harden.

After placing the base gel, place the green shell and white shell on top of it.

Finally, fill in the unevenness with base gel, finish with top gel, and you’re done!

Handsome nails that make me look forward to spring!

Check out the video.

This replacement is also available on video. Please take a look at this one too!

The days are still cold, but it’s nice to feel the warmth of spring-like colors at least on your nails… I hope this helps you with your spring nails!

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