How to use a watercolor palette for nails? What you need and some art examples

Watercolor palettes are used when enjoying watercolor painting. Recently, a watercolor palette for nails has appeared and is slowly gaining popularity.

It’s very easy to use, and even if you paint your nails randomly, you can still get a cute finish, so it’s great for beginners.

In this article, I’ll show you how to use the watercolor palette for nails and give you some examples of art!

*This blog is written by a manicurist in Japan. The information contained in this article is available in Japan. Please note that it may be different in other countries.

The recommended watercolor palette for nails is…

Right off the bat, here’s my watercolor palette for nails. This is what I actually use.

Each one is compact enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

Recently, the 100-yen store “Seria” has been selling a watercolor palette for nails. But unfortunately, I haven’t seen any yet, probably because they are so popular that they sell out quickly.

If you’ve been able to buy them at Seria at the right time, that’s fine, of course, but if you’re like me and can’t seem to find them… I recommend this watercolor palette.

【2021】【ゆうパケット対象商品】 ニュアンスネイル 水彩パレット 水彩ネイル 水彩カラーパレット L 6カラーセット 1〜6

These are the ones I actually use, and 396 yen for 6 colors is cheap! So cute! Easy to use!

If you’re wondering which one to buy, please try them out!

What you need for watercolor palette art

For watercolor palette art, you will need the following

  • Base gel
  • Top gel
  • Watercolor palette in your favorite color
【2021】【ゆうパケット対象商品】 ニュアンスネイル 水彩パレット 水彩ネイル 水彩カラーパレット L 6カラーセット 1〜6
  • Brush for watercolor palette (not for use with gels)
  • Mat top (useful if you have one, OK if you don’t)

How to Use the Watercolor Palette for Nails

To use the watercolor palette for nails, first apply two coats of the base gel and cure.

Then apply the matte top and cure. In this case, I used sheer white as the base coat.

If you don’t have a matte top, you can use a top gel and then use a sponge buffer to remove the surface sheen.

We’ll paint the watercolor palette in this state.

Prepare a brush for the watercolor palette. Prepare a brush for the watercolor palette. Since it is used by dipping it in water, be sure to prepare a brush for the watercolor palette, and do not use it with gel.

Soak the brush in a little water and rub the surface of the color you want to use to dissolve it.

Once the color is on the brush, paint your nails.

I think it would be cute to use about three colors to get a nuanced look. This time I used a variety of colors!

After letting it dry naturally, apply base gel, then top gel in that order, and you’re done. If you want to add other art, please do so after the nail has dried naturally!

You can also add natural stone style art, mirrors, or shells for a handsome look.

This is a painting nail using gel to create a nuance and a gold watercolor palette. You can also use the watercolor palette as a point of reference, not as the main color.

By the way, please note that the watercolor palette is only for painting nuanced patterns and is not suitable for painting the entire surface like polish.

The watercolor palette is easy to use for self-nail beginners to create high quality nails. Please give it a try!

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