I don’t have a toenail on my little toe! Can I nail it? How can I take care of it?

The nails on the little toes tend to disappear due to pressure from pumps and other factors.

They are not big enough to be painted, but can they be painted? Can I do gel nails? I’m embarrassed to go to a nail salon with this little toe! Is it safe to go? Is it safe to go? How can I get my little toe nail back? The questions are endless.

So, in this article, we will thoroughly explain about toe nails. If you have almost no nails, don’t worry!

**This blog is written by a manicurist in Japan. The information contained in this article is available in Japan. Please note that it may be different in other countries.

Why do I lose my little toe nail?

The symptoms of small toe nails vary from person to person.

  • The nail is small
  • Not growing
  • Thick
  • Coarse (cracked, split, etc.)

etc., and there are many causes for this.

External load

This is “lateral load,” where the center of gravity is on the outside of the foot. When the center of gravity is placed on the outside of the foot, the little toe is constantly compressed and the nail becomes smaller and thicker in order to withstand the pressure.

Pumps and high heels

Wearing shoes with narrow tips, such as pumps and high heels, also puts pressure on the pinky nail, causing it to become smaller. It can also cause cracks and breakage due to rubbing in the shoes, and make it difficult to grow.

External load and shoes are said to be the two main causes of little toe nail loss.

How to Clean the Toenail of the Little Toe

Now that you know the cause, let’s see how you can clean your toenail.

Moisturizing and Care

The natural enemy of nails is dryness. When they are well moisturized, new nails will grow strong. Apply cuticle oil (nail oil) and massage the area under the cuticles.

muscle training

If you have outer thigh or O-leg, you can correct the outer thigh by doing strength training and building up your muscles.

  • Inner thigh muscles
  • Abdominal muscles
  • Back muscles

Make sure to train your!

Review your shoes

Shoes with narrow toes are very damaging to little toe nails. Choose shoes with plenty of room in the toe, and only wear them for a short time if you have to.

Can I wear nail polish on my little toe nail?

Then I’ll explain if you can nail your little toe nails.

First, go to a nail salon for careful care.

If your toe nails have become too small and the moisturizing and massaging I mentioned earlier doesn’t bring them back to life, you should go to a nail salon for further care.

In most cases, nail salons can restore the size of the nails by treating the cuticles that have grown.

If you are embarrassed to show your nails like this, don’t worry. Manicurists are used to seeing all kinds of people’s nails, and to be honest, there are a lot of people who don’t have toenails on their little toes!

So please feel free to go to the nail salon.

Little toe nails, of course I can do nails.

Once your nails are restored to even 1mm after careful care, you can of course do your nails. You can apply polish (nail polish) or gel nail polish.

However, the longevity of gel nails depends on whether or not you can apply gel to the tips (edges) of your nails, so if you can’t apply gel to the tips, you may not be able to expect the general longevity (about 3 weeks).

Also, if you wear shoes with thin tips, the gel nail may come off due to pressure or rubbing of the nail inside the shoes. After applying gel nails, it is best to avoid shoes that put pressure on your toes.


These are the causes of small toe nails and how to revive them.

If you are worried that you can’t do your nails because your little toe nails are too small, try going to a nail salon first to have them carefully cared for. You may find that your nails come back more beautiful than you ever imagined!

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