This is a very easy way to make chocolate parts for nails!

When it comes to Valentine’s Day nails, designs that resemble chocolate are popular, but this time I’d like to show you how to make chocolate parts that resemble chocolate in three dimensions!

It may look a little difficult, but it’s actually quite easy. It may look a little difficult to make, but it’s actually very easy. You may think it looks a little difficult, but it’s actually quite easy, so please try it as a reference for your Valentine’s Day nails.

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What you will need to make chocolate parts

First, let’s look at what you need to make the chocolate parts.

Clay gel

Clay gel can be used to create clay-like shapes. You can use any clay gel, but I used this clay gel this time.

It’s inexpensive and the quality is good enough.


One bottle is all you need.

Nail brushes

Use it for coloring. It is convenient to have a regular square type and a thin brush for drawing patterns.

With the following brushes, you only need the square type and the short liner type.

colored gel

Since it is a chocolate part, basically brown or white would be good, but it is your choice. If you want strawberry chocolate, pink might be good.

This time I used gel from Seria.

Nail foil (gold leaf)

It may be useful to have it to give the chocolate parts a luxurious look. You don’t need it.

How to make chocolate parts

Now let’s see how to make the chocolate parts!

Modeling the clay gel into a round shape

First, take out a small amount of clay gel using a toothpick, and shape it into a round shape.

Knead it with your fingers to form it into a round shape.

Once the shape has been achieved, stick a toothpick into it to make it easier to work with.

When the shape is ready, harden it once.

Add color

After curing, apply the color. If you are using a container type gel, you can just dip it into the water.

You can even paint her with a brush!

Once the color is applied, let it harden. If the color seems too light the first time, you can apply two coats.

Draw the pattern.

Let’s draw the pattern. I’m sorry it’s a little hard to see, but we’re going to put a little white gel on the foil.

Use a fine brush to draw the pattern.

This is a preference, so you can add a pattern or not, and of course you can use a different pattern.

Finally, put nail foil (gold leaf) on top and harden.

Finish by applying the top gel.

Finally, apply the top gel, cure, and you’re done!

It’s so easy!

You can make them in different colors and put them on top of each other for a handsome look.

How to make chocolate parts is also shown in the YouTube

How to make chocolate parts is also introduced in YouTube. Please check this one out too!

Chocolate parts are perfect for Valentine’s Day nails!

Chocolate parts are very easy to make. Please try making them for your Valentine’s Day nails!

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